Contemporary Rugs For Living Rooms

Contemporary Rugs For Living Rooms

Whenever someone thinks of redoing their living room the first thing they consider is the wall's color and furnishing of the room. But very few are aware of the incredible fact that the rugs on the floor can create a huge difference and following some simple Living room rug tips can level up your home interior game effortlessly.

Contemporary Rugs For Living Rooms:

Contemporary rugs for living rooms are the latest trend of the time due to their multi-purpose benefits. They can brighten up the boring room with their splendid colors and textures. They can provide the warmth and feeling of comfort along with the unmatched stylish outcome that they can create.

Where there are all the positive aspects of placing a modern style rug in your living room. Opting the wrong one can destroy the overall look of your precious living room. Rugs by Zhaleh has brought a splendid collection of the finest handwoven rugs from around the world.

5 Of Our Best-selling Rugs For Living Rooms:

Our rugs are guaranteed to provide a perfect balance of comfort and beauty to your living room. They are crafted by the best rug makers from around the world. Here are 5 of our best-selling rugs and some of the unique rug ideas for living rooms

  1. Tabani Grey: Tabani Grey is the perfect example of modern design that promises to make your guests welcome all the time. The neutral grey base with the artistically made silver lines can give a delicate look to your living room. This Nepalese handwoven rug with wool and pure silk is a true piece of art. Being available in various sizes everyone has their eyes on it.
  2. Toronto Sunset: If you are a lover of colors and want to experiment with some new pigments then this is surely for you. The artist has played with multi-colors to enhance the beauty of wool used. The silk texture of India has added just the right amount of softness and coziness to it. You can effortlessly bring life to your living room with this remarkable piece of rug.
  3. Inspiration 48: The block printed designs on Bamboo Silk from India are sure to make your living room exceptionally interesting. The neutral/ taupe tends to create a modern vintage look that most people demand. Buy this contemporary rug for a home to give your feet a comforting feel after a hectic day.
  4. Arching Lattice Freshwater: If you want to recreate that Pinterest living room grabs our Arching Lattice Freshwater as soon as possible. It is the beauty that captures the heart and can make your living room a heavenly look in no time. Its Tibetan wool is hand-knitted professionally and the designs are promised to last longer for generations.
  5. Misty Planca: The intricate composition on this rug is made with keeping the modern requirements of the time. The Taupe-colored designs add richness to your overall living room décor. The finely woven silk and wool from the high lands of Nepal have given a soft touch to it with the increased durability and ease in maintenance.

Our Contemporary living room floor rugs for sale are the must-have as they promise the right amount of beauty and grandeur for your living space. Buy living room rugs online or contact Rugs by Zhaleh for the best for sale online today: Phone: 1-305-448-3777

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