Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Warmer

Surround yourself, your family and guests with beautiful and lasting aromas with a Scentsy warmer. Warmers are better and safer than candles and provide the ideal way to add wonderful scents to every room of your home. Warmers are fun, trendy and affordable options that are perfect for your home or to give as gifts.

About Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy warmers are the ideal method for bringing a variety of aromas into your home. Warmers are made to hold a variety of Scentsy wax bars. The warmers plug in to outlets in your home and gently heat the wax, sending a pleasant aroma throughout the room. Warmers are easy to operate. Simply place a Scentsy bar into the warmer and plug it in. The heat will soon melt the wax and disperse the scent into the room.

Scentsy warmers are available in a wide variety of different styles and types. There is sure to be one that will fit with the décor of each of the rooms in your home. You can view the many different options by looking through the categories that include both mini and standard sized options.

Mini warmers typically plug directly into the outlet so they are small and slim in size. They are also a way to provide a night light in the room. Standard sized warmers sit on a table or shelf and fit in nicely with your décor. Many of them look like pieces of art or decorations and some are also illuminated. There are many different themes and colors to pick from on our website.

Warmers gently heat scented wax that does not burn or give off smoke or soot. They allow you to provide continuous scent to each room in your home. Warmers make ideal gifts for friends and family members.

Scents for Your Warmers

Once you have chosen your warmers it’s time to pick some Scentsy bars. We offer a huge selection of 95 different scents. You will want to buy a variety to keep some on hand for each of your warmers. These wickless candles are a safe alternative to dangerous candles. Scentsy bars fit into any of the warmers and they melt through the use of a heating element or light bulb inside the warmer.

They are safe and easy to use and can even be used in a child’s room. Browse the many scent families that include fresh, fruity, floral, citrus, spicy, woody, bakery, fresh, green and more. You can also sort by scent collection such as Disney, classics, corner café, kids, fall and winter, holiday and others.

Start your Scentsy collection today. You can view and purchase our products online or contact us to schedule a party. Parties are fun and exciting gatherings that you and your friends will enjoy. When you host a party the representative will bring lots of products to sample and share and you will be rewarded with some Scentsy perks. Contact us today online to make a purchase or inquire about hosting a party.

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